Tour de Suisse
An enjoyable cheese journey through Switzerland

The idea

The Tour de Suisse has been Switzerland's most important cycling race for almost 90 years. Every year, over a million spectators follow the tour. The riders get to know the whole of Switzerland with its varied landscape and this is exactly what the cheezy cheese tour is all about. However, for you this will be a pleasure trip through the Swiss cheese landscape and you won't break a sweat unless you are eating our fine chili cheese.

In the spirit of the Tour de Suisse, we would therefore like to introduce you to the finest cheese from our canton of the month every month.  

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The highlight of food pairing with beer

We also include two local beers from the cheese region in every cheese box . Because everyone knows about cheese and wine! But have you ever tasted beer with cheese? A combination that may still seem a little exotic to many. But food pairing cheese and beer is all the rage!

When you start enjoying beer and cheese together, there's a lot to discover. Experiment a little and find out what tastes best to you. Do you prefer related flavors in beer and cheese or do you love the contrast? Both can be delicious!

Nevertheless, here are a few exclusive cheezy tips for combining cheese and beer:

Mild cheese goes well with mild beers. A beer should never overpower the cheese with alcoholic notes, strong spice or an intense hop flavor.

Riper, stronger cheeses go well with stronger beers with a higher alcohol content. A spicy, long-matured cheese therefore goes wonderfully with strong beers such as lager, Altbier, strong beer or ales.

Blue cheese harmonizes well with heavy, dark strong beer, which quickly overpowers the cheese flavours in other types of cheese. Stronger, fruity beers also go well with blue cheese varieties. Hoppy, flowery beers often take away the sharpness of blue cheese and bring out its floral and acidic notes in particular.

And now sit back, enjoy the cheese and have fun! Because that's what beer and cheese have in common: They create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere - and always offer unexpected taste sensations.
That's why, in the spirit of the Tour de Suisse, we would like to introduce you to the finest cheese from our canton of the month every month.

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Cheers and good luck!



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