Variety of cheeses for Easter brunch

With spring comes not only the time of warming sunshine and the magic of flowers, but also the perfect opportunity for a cozy Easter brunch with family and friends. While Easter eggs and fresh flowers adorn the table, a delicious selection of cheese should not be missing. Cheese is not only a flavor highlight, but also offers a variety of ways to enrich the brunch culinary experience. This blog post presents various ideas on how you can turn your Easter brunch into an unforgettable experience with a sophisticated selection of cheeses.

Soft cheese with spring flavors

Start the Easter brunch with a selection of creamy soft cheeses such as the Wild Garlic Brie, la Rose d'Ogoz or La Pèdze. Give them a special touch with fresh spring herbs such as chives, dill or tarragon. This combination of delicate creaminess and aromatic herbs is a real treat for the palate and goes perfectly with crusty baguettes or crackers.

cheese box

Cheese platter with seasonal fruit and nuts

Create an appealing cheese platter that includes different types of cheese, such as wild garlic cheese, Potzblitz or the delicate mountain flower delight, includes. There is also a matching Cheese Brunch Box, with great cheeses. Combine these with fresh seasonal fruit, such as strawberries, grapes or pears, as well as a selection of nuts for a balanced explosion of flavors. The contrasts of sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy make this combination a real treat for all the senses.


Cheese omelette with vegetables

For a hearty main meal, you can prepare a delicious cheese omelette and refine it with fresh vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, peppers or mushrooms. Use different types of cheese such as Emmental or Gruyère to give the omelette a creamy texture and intense flavor. Serve the omelette with crusty farmhouse bread and fresh salad for a filling yet light dish. 


Cheese cookies and muffins

Surprise your guests with homemade cheese pastries and muffins. Use a variety of cheeses such as Gruyère or Tète de Moine and combine them with herbs, bacon or sun-dried tomatoes for a variety of flavors. These savory treats are perfect as finger food or a side dish to soups and salads and are guaranteed to be a hit on any Easter brunch buffet.



An Easter brunch is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with family and friends and enjoy culinary delights. With a carefully selected range of cheese variations you can turn your brunch into an unforgettable feast. Experiment with different types of cheese, combinations and preparation methods to offer your guests a flavorful journey. Whether as a starter, main course or side dish - cheese is always an enrichment for any Easter brunch. Happy Easter and bon appétit!



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