"Life is too short to eat bad cheese..." - Exciting insights from cheese expert Christa

The selection of cheese in the supermarket overwhelms even experienced cheese connoisseurs. Unfortunately, this all too often ends in us reaching for the same types of cheese again and again. Even though the Swiss cheese landscape has so much more to offer! Christa, who is responsible for the monthly changing range of cheese boxes and has been with cheezy from the very beginning, has made it her mission to do something about this. Her mission is to make eating and exploring cheese easier and more fun. She takes away the agony of choice for varied cheese feasting so that we can simply enjoy great cheese without any worries. In the following interview, she gives us a little insight into the Swiss cheese landscape and her motivation behind her work at cheezy:

cheese box

Christa, how did you come to cheezy ?
I grew up on a dairy farm in Appenzell. After graduating from high school, I completed an apprenticeship as a farmer and trained as an agricultural technician. I've been working in raw milk sales at mooh since 2017. So my life has always revolved around cows, milk and cheese. At cheezy I can live my life to the full, I love learning new things about cheese every day and trying out different varieties.

The whole cheezy team!

What is your mission when you get up in the morning?
Life is too short to eat bad cheese! cheezy was founded to make the variety of Swiss cheeses as easily accessible as possible to cheese lovers and thus make the world a little happier. From the very beginning, the aim was also to return all profits from the cheezy boxes to the producers. In this way, we want to strengthen national milk producers and give something back to the Swiss cheese landscape as a thank you. That is very important to me! It means I can fully stand behind my work and feel that I am giving something back.

How does the cheese that you offer come to cheezy?
Since our foundation, we have built up a large network and good contacts with many cheese dairies in Switzerland. We are in regular contact and usually know when our partners have new types of cheese. They then send us samples, which we of course try and test. Quality is very important to me personally, not every cheese tastes the same. We also attach great importance to knowing the history and background of the cheese. However, it is becoming increasingly common for cheese dairies to get in touch with us. That makes us very happy, of course! This allows us to include more and more varieties and broaden our horizons.

How do you ensure that customers are satisfied and that your taste is not the main focus?
Through variety! It's important to me that there's something for everyone in the boxes and that we're always trying out new combinations. I also use cheeses that I don't really like - my taste comes second.

The whole range! 

How many types of cheese are there in Switzerland and how many organic cheeses are there?
From strong and intense to mild and creamy, we cover the whole range in Switzerland. There are well over 500 types of cheese, and the proportion of organic cheeses is constantly increasing. Swiss organic cheese is made from domestic organic milk. Factors such as animal welfare, animal husbandry and the specific Bud guidelines are relevant here.
However, with 500 types of cheese, there are also many sub-varieties. In Switzerland, we have over 5000 different cheese sub-varieties. You're sure to find something for every taste - from charcoal cheese to beer cheese.

What makes good cheese for you? And what is your favorite cheese?
I like cheese with character. It has to have temperament and a certain strength. My personal insider tip: a salad with strong Gruyère and Valais apricots offers a great combination and a varied taste experience. In other words, fruit and well-aged cheese.

And finally, what makes you happy Christa?
I'm happiest when I see cows - I'm already a mommy to a little calf, which puts a smile on my face every day.



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