We are crazy about cheese, love nature and have a great team with a love of detail.
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We founded cheezy to make the enormous variety of Swiss cheeses as easily accessible as possible to cheese lovers like you. And to make the world a little happier. We leave nothing to chance and rely on our large network of almost 4000 mooh dairy farmers and cheese dairies. The mooh cooperative is our parent company and markets the milk of almost 4000 milk producers. And by the way: the profits that we make with our cheezy boxes go back in full to our mooh dairy farmers in line with our parent company - strengthening them and giving something back to the Swiss cheese landscape as a thank you.


May we introduce: Michel, Christa, Sarah, Maxine, Sonja and Manuel.
We quickly realized what we have in common: a fascination for gourmet food, an eye for unusual design and a love of nature. And it goes without saying that we are crazy about cheese!

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Managing Director

Michel manages the startup cheezy.ch with his humor and skill. When he's not testing a new app, you'll probably find him in a beer bar.

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Cheese sommelier

Christa makes every day a wonderful one with her laughter and her choice of cheese. Christa is happiest when she sees cows - she is already a mommy to a calf. 

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Marketing / Customer service

Sarah puts her heart and soul into helping our customers every day and reads their wishes from their eyes. She also looks after our webshop, provides you with the latest news about cheezy and makes sure that the cheese reaches you. But her favorite thing to do is travel the world and can often be found in London.

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Digital Marketing / Product

With her creativity and attention to detail, Maxine brings color to the company. She takes care of an exquisite selection of cheeses and with her colorful campaigns on social media channels, she brings the product closer to the customer. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors in nature and doing sports.

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With her passion for culinary delights, Sonja is in daily contact with our suppliers, is responsible for smooth processes and ensures that our customers receive their orders reliably. In her free time, she likes to roam the woods in search of mushrooms or can be found at music festivals.

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With his perfectionist eye, Manuel brings some order to our start-up and takes care of the perfect look and feel of cheezy. But his favorite place to be is underwater. You've come to the right place for all diving hot spots.

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The selection of cheeses in the supermarket overwhelms even experienced cheese connoisseurs. Unfortunately, this all too often ends in us reaching for the same types of cheese again and again. Even though the Swiss cheese landscape offers us so much more! So we decided to do something about it. We got together for a cheese platter, took pen and paper and launched a completely new cheese plan for connoisseurs. Our mission is to make eating and exploring cheese easier and more fun. We take away the agony of choice for varied cheese feasting, so you can simply enjoy great cheese without any worries. In other words: We offer you the best assortment of Swiss cheese. And to make it even more exciting, we will be traveling through Switzerland every month to offer you a new selection and constantly surprise you with new cheeses. The whole thing should be so easy that you hardly have to lift a finger (apart from a few mouse clicks on our website). With the flexible subscription model, your fridge will always be stocked with the finest cheese - so that you can concentrate fully on enjoying it. This is how cheezy was born.


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Cheese knowledge is one of our core competencies. For this reason, we continuously train our cheezy employees. Christa and Patrick passed their cheese sommelier training with flying colors in summer 2021. This enabled them to fundamentally deepen their specialist knowledge of cheese, such as cheese production, history, sensory analysis, quality, oenology, recipes and food pairing. This newly acquired knowledge mainly benefits you, our cheese lover! As a result, we can not only offer you cheese boxes of the highest quality, but also share our cheese knowledge with you - be it at our cheese tasting events or through our individual cheese descriptions.      


On the following map, we present a selection of cheese dairies that regularly supply us with cheese specialties. Thanks to our close relationship with over 4000 milk producers and a number of cheese dairies that our parent company (the mooh cooperative) supplies with fresh milk every day, we can deliver the best selection to your home online at our cheese boxes . On the following map you will find a selection of cheese dairies that regularly supply us with cheese and find out more about the history, specialties and characteristics of each individual cheese dairy. 

Our concept for success

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We search the whole of Switzerland for the best regional products for you.

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We work together! Every opinion counts and is taken seriously by us. 

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We are always on the lookout for new ideas and want to work without blinkers.

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Our customers are our best friends. We always want to have a good relationship and receive fair criticism.

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We enjoy being close to dairy farmers and cheesemakers and want to help improve their visibility.

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The LOVE of food is very important to us.