Did you know that raclette cheese is lactose-free? 

Now that September is slowly turning into colder, rainy days, the first people are already dreaming of a cozy raclette evening at home. It's almost one of the Swiss's favorite pastimes, as this festive meal really gives you time for each other and raclette cheese is an absolute crowdpleaser. The cheese rind in particular is considered a delicacy - because it has a particularly strong flavor. But there is also plenty of choice for cheese lovers who like it a little milder. Raclette cheese comes in all shapes and flavors - from paprika, herb and onion to truffle, champagne and cinnamon cheese. cheezy offers you a great selection of raclette cheeses.

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And it has another advantage

Raclette cheese is lactose-free! So is fondue, by the way. If you're wondering why you have a stomach ache after a raclette evening, it's simply because hot, melted cheese is difficult to digest. The fact is that raclette is a semi-hard cheese and, like the hard cheese in fondue, is naturally lactose-free. How is this possible? During the cheesemaking process, the whey and therefore a large proportion of the milk sugar is separated out. During the cheese ripening process, the bacteria used then consume the remaining lactose. Isn't that fantastic?

So even if you are affected by lactose intolerance - you don't have to give up the pleasure completely. The choice of tolerated dairy products and lactose-free foods is greater than you might think! Soft cheese, yogurt, butter and cream are also well tolerated. Click the button and find out more about how much lactose is in which products and what it actually means when something is declared lactose-free.


But now that we've got that out of the way, how does raclette cheese actually taste best?

Admittedly, this is not an easy question. In some cases, just a few seconds more or less in the raclette oven can have a huge impact on the consistency and taste of the cheese. This is particularly the case with cheeses made from raw milk, which sweat out their fat if the heat is too high. So always make sure that you don't leave the cheese in the pan for too long.

The raclette meal only becomes an experience with the right toppings. Our tip: fry a few slices of leek, mushrooms and strips of bacon while cherry tomatoes, potatoes and gherkins are already waiting for the cheese on the plate! And to enjoy the intense flavor of the crust, it's best to cut it off and place it on top of the pan to bake it until it's really crispy.

We wish you a good cheese topping! 



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