Cheese enjoyment for Soccer-European Championship 2024: The perfect snack for exciting matches

The 2024 European Football Championship (EURO 2024) is the highlight of the sporting calendar, thrilling millions of fans across Europe and around the world. In addition to the exciting matches, the perfect snack is simply a must. In this blog post, we show you why cheese is the ideal accompaniment to Euro 2024 and how you can score points with the right types of cheese.

cheese box

Cheese: the ultimate 2024 European Championship snack

1. variety and taste

The impressive variety of cheeses offers something to suit every taste. Whether it's tangy Emmental, creamy soft cheese or aromatic Appenzeller - cheese brings variety to any snack platter. With a well-prepared cheese platter, you can impress your guests during Euro 2024.

2. quick and easy preparation

When tensions rise and time is short, cheese is the perfect snack. A cheese platter is quick to put together and can be the highlight of any EM 2024 party in just a few simple steps. Combine different types of cheese with fresh fruit, nuts and crusty bread for an unforgettable taste experience.

3. perfect for every situation

Whether you're watching the games alone, with family or with a large group of friends - cheese is always a good choice. A cheese platter is easy to adapt to the number of guests and always ensures satisfaction.

The best cheeses for your EM 2024 party

1. Organic beer cheese

The cheese takes its name from the dark organic beer with which it is regularly slathered - even if it is tempting... the rind is not suitable for consumption. The beer flavors penetrate through the rind and give the cheese an incomparably full flavor. It makes an excellent snack and goes well with fruit and nuts. A matured organic beer cheese also offers a more intense flavor that will delight cheese lovers.


2. Brie Mini Rustico

The Brie Mini Rustico was specially developed for cheezy to coincide with the European Championship season. It is a true delicacy for the palate and the carefully prepared, creamy cream cheese filling is put together according to a well-guarded recipe and incorporated with precision. Brie is a soft, creamy cheese that goes particularly well with fresh baguette and grapes. Its delicate texture and mild taste make it a favorite among many cheese lovers.


3. Emmentaler AOP

Walter Lang's Emmentaler was named the best Emmentaler AOP cheese. It owes its typical taste to the use of propionic acid bacteria cultures during cheese production, which are also responsible for the holes in the cheese. This cheese also impresses with its nutty, mild flavor, so you too will quickly become an Emmentaler fan. Emmentaler AOP goes perfectly with crackers and can also be combined well with chutneys or jams.


An unforgettable EM 2024

During the 2024 European Football Championship, the focus will be on enjoyment. With a carefully compiled cheese platter, you can ensure the perfect culinary experience during the exciting matches. Whether mild, spicy or strong - cheese is the ideal EM 2024 snack that enriches every football evening.



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