5 clever ideas for your leftover cheese

It's a problem you're probably familiar with: You finally try a new cheese, but then quickly realize that you don't like it at all. It may even be one of the reasons why you keep reaching for the same cheese in the shops instead of getting to know the variety of Swiss cheeses. What to do with leftover cheese that you don't like? In this blog post, we present 5 ideas so that you know how you can still use the cheese.

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Together against food waste
Food waste is a major problem in our society. According to the Federal Office for the Environment, 2.8 tons of food are wasted every year - in Switzerland alone. Food waste is an important issue for cheezy . We firmly believe in our mission to show the Swiss their cheese diversity. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that you will not like one of our cheese surprises. To make sure it doesn't end up in the bin, we'll show you different ways to make good use of the cheese.

Option 1:
Four-cheese pizza Normally, mozzarella is used for a classic pizza, but the four-cheese pizza, also known as 'Pizza Quattro Formaggi', uses 4 different types of cheese. Pecorino, ricotta, gorgonzola or mozzarella? You can combine all your favorite cheeses in this pizza. Cheese that you don't like so much can be used in this dish, as the taste is somewhat lost with the three other cheeses. Here we have found a great recipe for a four-cheese pizza.

Important: Don't cut the cheese into slices, but grate it over the pizza. This distributes the flavor more evenly!

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Option 3:
Take the cheese to work as an alternative to giving it as a gift. It's best to buy a packet of crackers or Ticino fig mustard and organize a mini aperitif. If you inform your work colleagues about your good deed the day before, you can also suggest that they all bring something that they are unlikely to eat. This quickly turns a mini aperitif into a mega aperitif - and brings a bit of variety to your everyday office life.

Option 4:
Take the cheese to a public fridge If you realize when unpacking the cheese box that you don't like a delivered cheese, you can put the unopened pack in a Madame Frigo public fridge. Madame Frigo is a non-profit organization that campaigns against food waste in Switzerland. There are fridges open to the public at over 100 locations. Put your cheese in the nearest fridge and surprise a stranger with what would otherwise have ended up in the bin. Of course, you can also take something else from the fridge home with you. That's exactly what Madame Frigo is all about. You can find all the locations here.

Option 5:
Cook a Cheezy cheese recipe At cheezy , we work with chef David Geisser, who regularly creates exclusive cheezy recipes. With the right chutney or matching tomato jam, the cheese may yet become a harmonious taste experience for your palate. You can find all cheezy recipes here.

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Did you know?
Cheezy regularly offers "saving cheese boxes". After the cheese assortment of the month changes, you can get hold of the last cheese boxes of the previous month at an attractive price. In our webshop you can find out when we offer a "saving cheese box" again. Let us surprise you! If you don't like the cheese, you now know what you can do with it.

When it comes to handling food, we should do everything we can to use it and not throw it away. If you try a cheese that you don't like, you can use it for cooking, give it away or share it. So there's no reason for edible cheese to end up in the bin. Do you have any other ideas for what to do with leftover cheese? Let us know! And if you want to add a little variety to your everyday food routine, you can find a selection of our fine cheese boxes.



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