Fondue - purist or experimental?

It's mid-November and we've finally arrived in fondue season. And when it comes to fondue, many people's minds are already made up in advance. What about you? Do you prefer classic or experimental fondue? We'll show you how you can individualize your fondue with a personal touch!

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The right cheese
The most important thing about fondue is, of course, the cheese. Be inspired by our cheezy fondue range and refine it according to your wishes. In addition to a fixed range consisting of a champagne, beer and alcohol-free fondue, we also offer a monthly changing range of Swiss specialties with the Tour de Fondue: 

I would like a cheezy fondue!

Once you have chosen your cheezy cheese blend, there are a few details to consider for a perfect fondue evening - here are our tips: 

Side dish: bread, right?
Bread is usually served with fondue, preferably white or semi-white bread with a lot of crust so that it doesn't fall off the fork so easily. We do not recommend bread fresh from the oven - it can easily be a day old and it is best to cut it into pieces a few hours before the fondue so that it is nice and crispy. If you want to try something other than white bread, try a corn, nut or farmer's bread for a full-bodied experience.

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Side dish: There's more than just bread
The most popular side dish after bread is swollen potatoes. For the more adventurous, we also recommend fruit or vegetables. Apples, pears, pineapple, corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes, blanched cauliflower or mushrooms make a tasty change.

Starter and dessert
The classic starters for a fondue include Bündnerfleisch, cured ham, Mostbröckli, garlic bread or salad. Light dishes such as fruit salad (or fresh fruit), sorbet or a light cake are particularly suitable for dessert. 

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Do you want to turn your fondue into an oriental taste experience? For those who don't want to go that far, typical spices such as pepper, garlic, nutmeg or paprika are part of the perfect fondue. If you want a special change, you can also opt for caraway or curry. You can also refine your fondue with a particularly aromatic or strong cheese. For example, a chilli cheese for a certain spiciness or an Appenzeller 1/4 fat for a more recent fondue taste.

Experimental fondue variations
There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to fondue. Herb variations are popular, for example - you can refine the fondue with peppermint, basil and oregano. Tomato fondue is also often served and is preferably eaten with potatoes instead of bread. For a mushroom or mushroom fondue, you can fry them briefly beforehand and then add them to the fondue. Pesto fondue, in which you simply add green or red pesto sauce to the fondue, is also a very popular fondue variation for those who like to experiment. You can also find more interesting fondue recipes on the Swissmilk website.  

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Drinks for fondue
White wine is usually drunk with fondue. The most popular white wines are dry, sparkling white wines such as Chasselas or a fruity Fendant. Champagne or Prosecco can also add a certain freshness to fondue. As a non-alcoholic alternative, black tea is particularly suitable. At our partner St. Jakobskellerei Schuler you will find suitable tips for the perfect wine for fondue
under this link.

Whether purist or experimental - at the end of the day, the most important thing about fondue is the cozy get-together. And if the fondue group is larger than 4 people, we recommend serving several caquelons with different fondue variations - this way, everyone's taste buds will get their money's worth. 



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