7 answers to the most important questions about the perfect fondue evening

It's the hottest fun in winter: We love cheese fondue. In our latest blog post, you'll find the answers to all the questions for an unforgettable fondue party.

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Who invented the cheese fondue?
Who invented it? Opinions differ here. For us Swiss, the answer is clear. But Savoy also lays claim to the authorship of the fondue. However, even here the Swiss are likely to have had their fingers and, above all, forks in the caquelon. After all, it was the Bernese and Valaisans who conquered northern Savoy in the 16th century. One thing is certain: fondue with melted cheese has its origins in the Western Alps, i.e. in French-speaking Switzerland, French Savoy and Italian Piedmont.

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Which is the right bread for fondue?
But enough history. Now comes the pleasure. In most cases, cheese fondue is served with bread. We recommend choosing bread with a lot of crust. Otherwise there is a high risk of the bread falling off the fondue fork in the cheese mixture. And depending on the stake, this can be expensive for the bread loser. White bread is traditionally used, but nut bread, for example, is a full-bodied variant. But there are also alternatives to bread. Potatoes or fruit such as apples and pears guarantee a tasty change.

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How do I save my fondue?
Preparing cheese fondue seems simple. But sometimes you need a few tricks to get the right consistency.

Here's how to be prepared for all eventualities:
- The fondue is too thick: increase the temperature and add a little white wine - or as an alcohol-free alternative
white wine - or cider as a non-alcoholic option.
- The fondue is too thin: Mix a little cornflour with cold water, increase the temperature
and stir everything.
- The fondue separates: Place the caquelon on the hob. Dissolve the cornflour in a little
Dissolve the cornflour in a little lemon juice and a little wine or must, stir well and bring to the boil briefly

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What goes with fondue?
Cheese fondue - and that's all? Yes, actually it is. But even the biggest fondue lovers will enjoy a small starter and dessert. For example, finely sliced Bündnerfleisch is recommended as an aperitif. A small salad - for example a seasonal nut salad - is always well received and is not heavy on the stomach. A light lemon sorbet is recommended for dessert. And if you still have an appetite for more, you can of course also enjoy a vermicelles.

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What do I drink with cheese fondue?
It is generally accepted to drink white wine or black tea with fondue. A medium-acid white wine is recommended. A Valais Petite Arvine, for example, tastes excellent with cheese fondue. Those who prefer red wine should choose a light Pinot Noir. Kirsch is also often served with fondue. The bread is dunked in a small glass of kirsch to intensify the taste experience. However, it is a misconception that kirsch helps with digestion. Alcohol and other cold drinks slow down stomach activity. A cup of black tea is therefore recommended at the end.


How do I clean the caquelon?
Now everyone is as full as a leaf. But what is the easiest way to clean the caquelon? The following tips will help you wash it up:

- After the fondue feast, fill the caquelon with cold (not hot!) water and leave
to soak.
- You can remove the coarsest residues with a raclette scourer.
- Steel wool helps with very stubborn cheese residues.

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How do I get rid of the fondue taste?
It has to stink a little - that's part and parcel of fondue. But it doesn't have to be like that the next day. Simply heat a few coffee beans on the hob and place them on the table during the fondue. Another alternative is coffee powder on a small plate. Another tip: heat vinegar and water in a pan and leave it in the fondue room overnight. And if there is still some smell left the next day, you will remember a wonderful fondue evening!



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