Your cheezy-Valentine's Day

It's almost time - we're celebrating the day of love! And every year we are faced with the crucial question: "How can I surprise my favorite person this time?"

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For forward-thinking long-term planners, after Valentine's Day is before Valentine's Day, they have been working on it all year and collecting ideas. For the spontaneous to extremely spontaneous, Valentine's Day always comes as suddenly as a speed camera on the side of the road. Usually it's already too late, so they rely on their intuition and hope for last-minute inspiration. And it is precisely this type of person that we now reveal our unique Valentine's Day idea:

Red roses and chocolates are all well and good, but may not always bring the greatest possible joy - why not surprise your sweetheart with the finest cheese specialties and a matching Prosecco - so you can celebrate Valentine's Day in the comfort of your own home!

I need a Valentine's Day present!
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Breakfast in bed
If you want to start the day on a romantic note, you can bring your better half breakfast in bed. Our Coeur de Moudon proves to be a lovely and delicate decoration on the cheese plate and gives the whole thing a cheezy look. However, if there is not enough time in the morning, a love message on the fridge would be a lovely surprise for the lady of your heart or prince charming.

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Cheesy dinner within your own four walls
Instead of eating in a restaurant, you can set the table nicely at home. Rose petals and candles always create an atmospheric ambience. If you don't have time for an elaborate 5-course meal after work and aren't a gifted cook, you can prepare a delicious picnic with cheese, cold cuts, warm bread and sparkling Prosecco for your loved one. It's really something! Some of our cheeses even have an aphrodisiac effect.

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The cheezy love movie at the end
Cheesy and sensual movies are simply a must to round off a pleasant evening. Here we reveal three of our favorite love films that are not only personal, but are also undoubtedly a culinary delight:
- Chocolat - one little bite is all it takes.
- Eat Pray Love
- Recipe to fall in love with


We think that it doesn't really matter what you give as a gift - as long as it comes from the heart. And if you're thinking about giving hearty and sensual cheese specialties as a gift, then you've still come to the right place!

With this in mind, we wish you and your favorite person a happy Valentine's Day and never forget:



Simple, convenient and always surprising. Swiss cheese enjoyment at home.