Plant your own side dishes for the cheese platter

Have you ever thought about planting your own vegetables or herbs on your balcony or patio? You don't have to become self-sufficient - but picking your own produce every now and then is a really good feeling. But leave the cheesemaking to the professionals ;)

Cheese Switzerland Organic Herbs

City gardening, or as they say, "urban gardening" is very much in vogue. More and more (city) dwellers are drawn to nature or are bringing nature into their homes. You too can quickly turn your balcony into a small garden and plant vegetables and herbs throughout the year.

We at cheezy have investigated this topic and discovered that home-grown plants go perfectly with our cheese and should not be missing from any cheese platter. Whether visually or culinarily, you can create a fresh, spring-like combination with just a few garnishes that will conquer your taste buds!

We teamed up with the makers of Urban Roots to create the perfect cheese platter. Watch the video to find out more about the basics of urban gardening and how to choose the right side dishes for your next cheese platter:

I need the natural cheese box (organic bud)!

Have you now got the desire to create your own individual cheese platter? Then order one of our cheese boxes online and have it conveniently delivered to your home. If you still need inspiration, visit our recipe page, which we created together with our brand ambassador and celebrity chef David Geisser.



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