cheezy Cheese tasting

Every month, cheezy puts together a new selection at cheese boxes . Naturally, the cheezy team has to know the cheese inside out. For this reason, cheezy organizes an internal cheese tasting every month. For the cheezy team, tasting the new range is of course the highlight of the month 😊 

Each cheese is tested and assessed for taste, texture, hardness and aroma, among other things. This is the only way to ensure that the right cheese goes into the right box and that you receive an accurate description of all the cheeses. Of course, surprises cannot be ruled out during the tasting. A cheese labeled as mild can quickly develop an aromatic aftertaste and end up in the unusual cheese box instead of the mild one.  

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Our impressions from the September range

The Gwitterchäs BIO from the natural cheese box is Mariam's favorite cheese, as it is creamy but also has a very strong taste. Beautiful cheese crystals are also noticeable in the cheese. It is also noticeable that the Gwitterchäs comes from the Butschwil cheese dairy. As this was originally an Appenzeller cheese dairy, the Appenzeller influence is still strongly noticeable in Gwitterchäs today.

Michel fell head over heels in love with the cider cheese, which is represented in the unusual cheese box . The cheese matures in cider barrels in the Dozwil cheese dairy. Its taste won him over right from the start and was therefore chosen as his favorite cheese.

Another cheese that stands out in the September range is the Bündner Steinbock from the mild surprise box. As a proud representative of its canton, it was included with three other cheeses in our mooh cheese box, which was sent to over 4,000 mooh milk producers. In the subsequent survey, the Bündner Steinbock was voted the best cheese of mooh cheese box . A good reason for cheezy to share this special cheese with you.

The Gomser AOP BIO from the natural cheese box also melts in your mouth. The cheezy insider tip: you can also enjoy it melted as a raclette!



Simple, convenient and always surprising. Swiss cheese enjoyment at home.