Discover the Diemtigtal Nature Park!

Close, wild, valuable. This is how the Diemtigtal presents itself! What you can do in the Diemtigtal Nature Park that you would otherwise only find much further afield. Many corners are very unspoiled, a perfect region to find wild and romantic places. Valuable stands for all the intangible values associated with the Diemtigtal Nature Park. Connoisseurs in particular will get their money's worth here. We offer you a foretaste with our Diemtigtal-cheese box, which contains four cheeses from two Diemtigtal alpine cheese dairies. Join us on a tour of discovery!   

The results of near-natural management in the Diemtigtal are a great diversity of species and wide, well-tended cultivated landscapes. The 16 km long Diemtigtal is the largest side valley of the Simmental. The park area extends across the Diemtigtal valley of the same name and includes the municipality of Diemtigen and a small part of the municipality of Zweisimmen.     

Our cheese selection in the Diemtigtal hiking box comes from two alpine cheese dairies

Alpine dairy Kiley
The Alpine dairy Kiley has supplied us with three tasty cheeses: The organic Tomme Kiley, the organic Kileyer Alp-Mutschli and the organic Kiley mountain cheese. The alpine cheese dairy is located in the Kiley, a transverse valley from the main Diemtigtal valley. The Kiley has an eventful history behind it. But it has always been a place of cheese production. Before it was privatized, it was once owned by the town of Thun, from 1906 it belonged to the canton of Bern and until 1973 the inmates of Witzwil prison worked here. It was then leased to the Schwand agricultural school. The new owners founded the current cheese cooperative. The cheese dairy building, built in 1813 as a cheese cellar, was converted into today's alpine cheese dairy. The cheese dairy is located at 1,400 meters above sea level. In the alpine summer, from mid-June until the day of prayer, around 250,000 liters of organic cow's milk are processed organically.

Alpine dairy Seeberg
We get our Seeberg alp cheese from the Seeberg alp cheese dairy, not far from the idyllic Seebergsee leisure destination, the Seeberg alp lies at 1799 meters above sea level between the Simmen and Diemtigtal valleys. The beautiful alp with its rich flora and fauna and partly extensive high moorland areas is a real cow pasture with the best fodder and natural protection. From mid-June to September, the Abbühl family tends the alp with around 50 cows, 80 calves, 40 pigs and a few horses. Interested guests can find out how good the alpine cheese from the Seeberg alp tastes in the alpe's own restaurant see for yourself. Around 150,000 liters of milk are processed in the alpine cheese dairy at Seebergsee. In a good year, up to 15 tons of alpine cheese and one ton of Mutschli are produced.

Your hike in the Diemtigtal Nature Park

The geological trail leads around the Wiriehorn and shows the history of the formation of this landscape. It provides interesting facts about mountains and valleys, glaciers and water, rock and stone. "Luegid vo Bärg u Tal..." What makes Diemtigtalers feel at home has been formed, moved, layered and eroded again over millions of years. How does a cultivated landscape with grazing cows emerge from a sea? How did the Wiriehorn get its typical shape? Whose traces of earlier times can still be seen in the terrain today? More exciting questions and answers await you on the geological trail around the Wiriehorn. around the Wiriehorn.



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