Discover the Thal Nature Park!

Silent nature - lively Thal, that describes the Thal Nature Park in a unique way. The Thal offers a large habitat for animals and plants and is a local recreation and vacation area for bikers and hikers. The Thal also has a lot to offer culinary connoisseurs. In our hiking edition -cheese box you will find 4 cheeses from the Reckenkien cheese dairy, which we have carefully selected for you. We have also visited two farms that belong to our mooh parent company and run an inn for you to take a short break from hiking, which you should definitely visit on your hike.   

Deserted grasslands, beautiful views, cooling forest, river and gorge paths. The Thal Nature Park offers all of this. We went on a hike for you and don't want to withhold our impressions from you. Cheese goes perfectly as a snack, whether prepared on a cheese platter or in a sandwich. Fortified with protein, you can set off on your exploration tour without a care in the world :)    

On the hike, we recommend a stopover at Obere Tannmatt and Untere Tannmatt. Both restaurants are run by dairy farmers who belong to our parent company (the mooh cooperative) and are located in the middle of the hiking route.


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The young Weber family from Thurgau have been calling the Tannmatt their new home for two years now. In their restaurant Obere Tannmatt they offer seasonal and homemade delicacies. Their menu varies between hamburgers, baked potatoes, salads, cheesecake and Älplermagronen. Their specialties also include Eastern Swiss specialties such as Toggenburg ice cream and Toggenburg Schlorzifladen.


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The Untere Tannmatt restaurant is run by the family of Daniel Schaub. The cozy garden restaurant is a welcome place for hikers and bikers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The courteous and friendly Tannmatt team serves its guests fine farmer and seasonal specialties such as farmer's sausages, steaks or hot ham. To cool off, there are gelati made from 100% Swiss milk.

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The cheese selection from our cheese box comes from the Reckenkien cheese dairy in Mümliswil-Rämiswil. The history of the Reckenkien mountain cheese dairy dates back to 1909 and is closely linked to the Solothurn Jura mountain range. The cheese dairy is still located above the village of Mümliswil-Ramiswil and below the Passwang. The Passwang is the only link between the Schwarzbubenland and the Thal. The cheese dairy produces twelve certified cheeses itself. The milk for this comes exclusively from farmers who are located in the mountain region and no more than 5 kilometers away from the cheese dairy. This is regionality at its best!

Are you traveling with your family?

We also have the perfect Pumpelpitz family hike for you: this is a new and family-friendly interactive hike through the Thal Nature Park, which only opened in May 2021. "You don't know the little gnome with the golden nose yet?" His name is Pumpelpitz, he is a nocturnal forest goblin and lives in his cozy cave high up on the Weissenstein. He has a 4-year-old son called "Pumpi", who always has lots of ideas in his head. Since the end of May, Pumpelpitz has had his own family trail in the Thal Nature Park. On this circular hike near Ramiswil, you can observe animals and plants, let off steam in nature, create your own forest mandala, make a magnificent fire and experience much more. You'll also find out what the "Blödewicht Schlarp" is all about.

We wish you a wonderful, enjoyable and eventful hike!



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