Cheese as a unique wedding gift

A delicate surprise for the happy couple

Weddings are a time of joy and celebration and it is customary to give the bride and groom a gift. In addition to the classics such as a nudge on the honeymoon or products for the household, it can be refreshing to give something unique and unconventional. And that's exactly what this blog post is about: cheese as a wedding gift. Let's take a closer look at what makes cheese a special gift and how you can package and present it properly.

Cheese as a wedding gift?

You can get cheese cheaply in the shops. Why should it be suitable as a wedding gift? Quite simply because it is not only delicious, but can also be seen as a symbol of security. The first forms of cheese production date back to around the 8th millennium BC. At that time, cows and goats were domesticated and used in agriculture. As there was no food industry at that time, survival was heavily dependent on the seasons. Back then, people learned that milk could be preserved by making cheese, thus ensuring that they had enough to eat throughout the winter. Today, cheese comes in many varieties and price ranges. One of the most expensive cheeses, for example, is a Serbian cheese made from donkey's milk, which costs around CHF 1,000 per kilogram.

cheese box

Give the right cheese as a gift

Basically, there is no 'right' and 'wrong'. However, if you simply buy cheese from a retailer and hand it over on your wedding day, this will not do the celebration justice. Below we list a few ideas for suitable wedding cheeses.

●Premium cheese. As already explained above, there are cheeses in high price categories and are therefore already 'more valuable'.
●Homemadecheese. If the groom and bride are from different cantons, you can order cheese from both regions, for example.
●Heart-shaped cheese. Consider using heart-shaped cheese molds to suit the romantic occasion.

Packaging ideas for weddings

The whole thing should then be beautifully packaged to make it worthy of a wedding gift. Choose high-quality and stylish packaging that emphasizes the noble character of the cheese. Wooden boxes or decorative cheese bells are popular options. You could also have a personalized message printed on the packaging to give the gift a personal touch. One idea would be to engrave the couple's name and wedding date on the box or cheese bell. You could also choose different types of cheese and arrange them in an attractive gift box. Combine the cheese with wine, crackers and other delicatessen items to create a comprehensive gourmet package. Why not write a card explaining the symbolism of cheese? You can then build a bridge to the meaning of marriage and explain that a good partnership is also nourishing and that you will not only enjoy many beautiful moments through marriage, but also benefit from mutual security.

cheese box

Important: Store correctly!

Don't forget to store the cheese correctly before packing to preserve its quality and freshness. Find out about the optimal storage conditions for the selected cheese to ensure it arrives in the best condition for the couple. If it is possible to put the gift package - or at least the cheese - in a fridge (for example in the restaurant or the location of the party), that would be a good idea. If this is not possible, you can also organize a cool box with cooling elements. Cooling elements can also be placed directly in wooden crates or cheese bells if you pack them nicely beforehand.

The perfect stress-free wedding gift

cheezy helps you to put together a high-quality wedding gift. With us you will find ready-made gift boxesor cheesy extras, with which you can put together your own gift box. Your orders will always be delivered in special packaging which can be 99 percent recycled. This means you can order the cheese to your home stress-free in advance and you already have cooling elements that you can at least use for the transportation on the day of the wedding.

cheese box


Cheese as a wedding gift may seem unusual at first glance, but it's a creative way to represent the symbolism of marriage with something tactile. By choosing the right cheese as well as an appealing packaging, you can create a gift that will not only please the palate but also the heart of the couple. It will certainly set you apart from the usual gifts.



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