cheezy has visited the Neuwies cheese dairy!

Our mission is to taste every single cheese in Switzerland, even if the task is not easy to master, we will not give up :)

Small country cheese dairies, like the family business in Neuwies, are perfectly suited to our goal.

Philip Müller, the master cheesemaker at Landkäserei Neuwies, surprises us time and again with special cheese creations that knock our socks off. His cheeses have already made it into our cheezy cheese boxes several times. These include, for example, the:

Toggenburger Nidelchäs Bio
Toggenburger Nidelchäs Bio (+extra)

The unique taste of these cheeses is the result of master cheesemaker Philipp Müller's many years of traveling through a wide variety of cheese dairies throughout Switzerland. He incorporates this experience into each of his cheese specialties and enchants cheezy cheese lovers.

The history of Landkäserei Neuwies goes back a long way. Johann Luder founded the cheese dairy in the second half of the 19th century and a newspaper document from 1894 attests to the strict milk control of all farmers by the Neuwies cheese dairy.

Sandra and Philipp Müller maintained this tradition when they first leased the Neuwies cheese dairy in 2007 and then bought the Neuwies property in 2013.

In order to store all their cheese creations, they expanded the cheese cellar the following year. Because that's what the Neuwies cheese dairy is known for: Whether Helvetikuss, Waldmeister or Weingestein - all cheese creations are carefully made by hand and offer unique enjoyment.

We currently have the Toggenburger Nidelchäs Bio extra in our cheese brunch box. Get a piece of Toggenburg cheese culture now.



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